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Tourism means to “sell dreams”. To make a dream come true successful tourism products first need to meet the expectations of your clients, while more than beautiful beaches and luxury hotels are in the clients’ focus. Nowadays for a fast-growing number of travellers sustainability is crucial: Environmental protection, social responsibility and well preserved cultural heritage are important quality aspects necessary to meet. Beside this you have to fulfill changing legal requirements. Within daily business this is not an easy task.
We know how to meet all these expectations and guarantee to cover your needs entirely so you can continue doing what you do best: selling dreams – sustainably. All aspects of sustainable tourism are covered by us, comprehensive or partly – feel welcome to have a look at our performances.





After the completion of my studies as an Engineer for Air- and Space Technology in the 80s I started my working life at the chemical plant engineering and construction industry. At a very early stage the protection of the environment got crucial for the chemical industry. This led to my specialization. Certification schemes like ISO 14001 and EMAS appeared.
In the 90s I changed to the tourism industry where first ideas on the implementation of these schemes came up. Beside the demand on environmental protection, the issue of social responsibility got important in the tourism world because the customers focused more and more on it. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability got to be the keywords.
Given this background I took the responsibility of being the sustainability manager for a large German tour operator for nearly twenty years. In close cooperation with the diverse supply chain, the destinations, international governmental and non-governmental Organizations and the interested civil society I learned how to establish sustainability successful in the tourism industry, even in the big scale tourism, not only in the niche. Beside this I worked during these years and still ongoing in an honorary capacity for several national and international organizations and associations.
Sustainability today is a quality aspect. Consulting, Qualification and Education of tourism professionals, the identification of the right certification schemes, and the supervision of the process is our task.
Me and my team are looking forward to support you on the way to success. I am also glad to present my long-time colleagues Miriam Landhofer and Antje Becker.


Freelance Partner

Miriam Landhofer is a recognised expert in social sustainability, especially in implementing human rights and child protection systems within the tourism industry and in cooperation with NGOs.
Tailor-made measures and appealing and effective workshops on these topics are her specialty.
Looking back on several years of international working experience in this field she enjoys a good reputation in the tourism industry, in Germany as well as abroad.

About animal welfare, Miriam Landhofer advised the tourism industry in order to develop and implement successful animal welfare guidelines.
In this area she knows both perspectives: The one of the tourism industry aa well as the NGO side.
It would be our pleasure to support your company with our know-how.

Health and satisfaction of employees as an important pillar of corporate sustainability is also covered by Miriam Landhofer.
The success of a company depends to a large extent on its employees, and they should feel comfortable in their workplace and everyday life.
We offer mindfulness trainings, coachings and meditation workshops to make a decisive contribution to the satisfaction of your staff members.
With comprehensive health management, the company signals that the well-being of every employee is important. Both productivity and the working atmosphere improve sustainably through such relaxation and advice offers. A sustainable win-win situation.

Be responsible!

Antje Becker

Freelance Partner


Antje Becker studied Intercultural Relations (B.A.) and Sociology (M.A.). She has several years of working experience in the sustainability department of a large German tour operator. Her main focus is on the topics of sustainability and environmental challenges, animal protection, human rights, gender equality and LGBTI/Diversity in tourism.



German Travel Assocciation

  • Sustainability Committee
  • Andreas Müseler is chairman at Working group on Child Protection


Global Sustainable Tourism Council

  • Andreas Müseler is board member